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Technical characteristics

Type of route, personnel and equipment constraints, customer specific characteristics... Each of our clients has their own specific optimisation needs.
To generate optimum routes and routes that are precisely tailored to your business and your requirements, the TourSolver route optimisation solution has numerous configuration functionalities.

Constraint management

TourSolver generates the most profitable planning and routing, while taking account of customer constraints, human resources constraints and the specific nature of each of your vehicles.

Constraints associated with your customers:

  • Days, time windows, visit
  • Fixed visit time and variable unloading time
  • Required characteristics (skills, vehicle, etc.)
  • Quantities to deliver (up to 24 different produtcs or dimensions)
  • Assign customers to a route
  • Delays penalty and punctuality

Constraints related to your mobile crews:

  • Working days and hours, lunch break (plus overtime working hours)
  • Overnights routes (overnights cost, maximum overnights per journey)
  • Driving time laws
  • Briefing / debriefing duration

Constraints due to your vehicles:

  • Vehicles capacities  (up to 24 different products or dimensions)
  • Loading time per quantity units
  • Multi-depot management (for different depots or agencies locations)
  • Movement of heavy goods vehicles constraints:
    Weight and height, wide or long vehicle, vehicle with trailer, hazardous material, inflammable material, water polluting material, etc.
  • Special speed limits
  • TourSolver 5.9 new function: type of fuel and consumption (l.100)

Cost configuration:

  • Hourly cost and Overtime working hours
  • Vehicles fixed usage and non-usage cost
  • Global mileage cost
  • Fixed cost per visit

Handling of the road network

  • Street side management
  • Zones where traffic is prohibited
  • Specific nature of traffic according to the type of vehicle: car, taxi, emergency vehicle, heavy goods vehicle
  • Limited access (heavy goods vehicles, transport of hazardous substances, etc.)
  • Optimization based on Navteq or Tele Atlas map data.
Geographic coverage:
Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, etc.
  (OPTI-TIME SA has tools that enable its products to be used using other map databases. Contact us to check availability of other countries.)
Contact-us if you want to know the availability in other countries)

Innovation TourSolver : Road Statistics

TourSolver takes into account the provisional fluidity of the traffic, based on road statistics. Variations in travel time according to the time of day have an influence on the visit order. It is no longer necessary to benchmark speeds by road type: TourSolver manages the data independently.

(Countries available according to Navteq and TeleAtlas map editor data)

Managing dense routes

Managing dense routes
TourSolver can schedule dense routes with optimal results.

It takes into account the special characteristics of high density routes for activities with a raised concentration of visit points, such as the collection of household garbage or door to door dispatching.

TourSolver adapts seamlessly to these different types of problems and delivers optimal results.

This also applies to routes that are mixed: sparse zone in extra-urban and more dense urban area.

New : Calculation of CO2 emisions

TourSolver 5.9 now takes into account CO2 emissions in the route calculation.

The calculation of the emission of greenhouse gases is based on the average amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle and on the fuel type.
The amount of fuel is calculated by multiplying the number of kilometers covered by the fleet of vehicle by its average consumption.

The amount of greenhouse gases emitted per liter depending on the fuel is based on data provided by ADEME.

The carbon footprint is displayed during the calculation of the route, on the panel (CO2, in kg)

Exporting results:

  • A detailed list of routes with times and customers’ addresses, for each resource.
  • Route sheets with the order of calling on each customer and the directions to follow, for each vehicle.
  • Files in Excel, Word or text format.

Mobility / Interfacing with other systems:

Optionally send results to vehicle tracking services, navigation systems or personal organizers:

  • Vehicle tracking services: Masternaut France, Punch Telematix
  • Business applications (activity monitoring): Mov’age
  • Navigation : Tomtom, Bayo AvMap, Bayo NavMan
  • iCalendar format (Outlook, Google Agenda, ...)

Interface available in:

English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

System requirements:

TourSolver for Microsoft MapPoint or MapInfo Professional runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista platforms and needs Microsoft MapPoint 2010 or MapInfo Professional 7.5.
Recommended memory configuration: 1 GB
Microsoft Office Suite recommended for results display (XP Minimum)